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What I need to know on Day Zero

You need the following information before we start the program, hence “Day Zero”:

Where is my...? The most commonly asked-question on day 1

Eric’s official email

You will need my official email address at CDI College:

Google account

You will need to have a Google account to submit and to share your course projects:

  • A Gmail address
  • Google Docs (will share your papers with your instructor, Eric)

Software requirements

You might need to know how to use the following software (or their equivalents):

A library card

You will need to have an active, Toronto Public Library card (read the COVID-19 Impacts on the Toronto Public Library; in brief: In-person library card registration is unavailable. You can get a digital access card via Digital Access Card). We will need that card to access three of the following resources via the library’s on-line access links:

  • LinkedIn Learning
  • O'Reilly

Excellent resources and tutorials

See more awesome resources here: resources

This is optional. This tool, provided by, can be used to leave comments and notes on any web page, regardless of where that page comes from.

  • A Hypothesis account


Students usually ask for a good, on-line dictionary. There are tens of great dictionaries on-line. Some of them are better than the others. Some give more details and some are designed for more advanced audiences. The following two dictionaries will give you all you need for our courses, and some:

Acceptable file formats

The only files that I will accept from students are in the following formats:

  • ODT for text
  • ODS for spreadsheets
  • PDF

Due to security concerns, I will not accept, nor will I open any file that is in DOC, DOCX, RTF, or other formats.


You will need to educate yourself on the subject of plagiarism before you start your classes. If you don’t already know what plagiarism is, please read the page on Plagiarism for more information.

Once you started your classes with me, you will be asked to read, understand, and sign an Anti-plagiarism Agreement document that will be added to your file.

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