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Packaging and Materials Handling

Course length

This course is one-week long.

Marks overview

  • Learning Exercise 1 25%
  • Learning Exercise 2 25%
  • Daily activities 10%
  • Final exam 40%


Learning Exercises

Day 1

Learning Objectives

  • Uses of packaging
  • Impact that packaging has on materials handling efficiency
  • Various types of packaging materials
  • Understand basic handling considerations
  • Analyse the mechanized, semi-automated, and automated systems

Day 2

Learning Objectives

  • Understand how a new product introduction takes place
  • Describe a supply chain network design
  • Analyse warehouse operations

Day 3

Learning Objectives

  • Analyse the different types of packages used for shipments
  • Discuss the various marking & symbols used on packages
  • Explain what palletizing and unitizing cargo is
  • Explain ways that cargo loss can be minimized/eliminated
  • Dangerous goods and the handling safety requirements associated with them

Learning Exercise 1 is due today.

Day 4

Learning Objectives

  • Environmental impacts of Packaging

Day 5

  • Final exam

Learning Exercise 2 is due today.

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