00 – My Reflections on Teaching

By Eric Bright

I have been teaching 15 courses in Supply Chain Management at a vocational college in Toronto, Ontario since 2018. I have learned many lessons during this time as an instructor. Although I have always considered myself a natural educator, someone with a natural aptitude toward teaching various subjects to others, these years taught me a lot of things still. This writing is the first, in a series of writings, documenting my observations and what I learned. read more...

Karl Popper on Hegel

This is what Popper has to say about Hegel (note 1: everything below this paragraph came from Popper’s book; note 2: I formatted the paragraph for clarity.):

“In order to discourage the reader beforehand from taking Hegel’s bombastic and mystifying cant too seriously, I shall quote some of the amazing details which he discovered about sound, and especially about the relations between sound and heat. I have tried hard to translate this gibberish from Hegel’s Philosophy of Nature as faithfully as possible; he writes: read more...

A dollar per month contribution, and why LibreOffice needs it

By Eric Bright

We need your help here at The Document Foundation. LibreOffice needs your support. In this article, I am going to ask you for help. I am going to ask you for a commitment to a monthly donation to The Document Foundation.

If I am successful, at the end you will be convinced as to why LibreOffice needs your help, why even a small donation will help, and why a monthly contribution, even if small, makes a huge difference compared to a larger, one-time donation. Here is the story! read more...

I don’t “need” LibreOffice

By Eric Bright

I don’t need LibreOffice. I WANT LibreOffice.

I am not exactly sure if anyone really “needs” LibreOffice as a product. LO is more an idea, an ideal, than it is a product. For one thing we have had exactly zero customer since the time of OpenOffice all the way to today.

No one needs LO. I am almost sure about it. I, as one, already have MS Office 365 down my throat by virtue of teaching at a college here in Toronto, Ontario. I don’t “need” to use LO. read more...